We encourage secondary deputy principals in NSW Government Schools to become members of the NSWSDPA.

Membership, upon payment of the appropriate annual subscription, is open to all secondary deputy principals of NSW public high schools, colleges, community schools (K-12), central schools, schools for specific purposes with secondary enrolments, schools of other types with secondary enrolments and secondary deputy principals deployed or seconded within the NSW Department of Education and Communities (see section 4 of the NSWSDPA Constitution).

Your membership is from the beginning of each Annual Conference, held near the end of Term 3 each year. This gives voting rights at the AGM at the Annual Conference.

Note that, because of the COVID-19 emergency, there will be no Annual Conference in 2020.

Pro-rata membership rates are as follows and are inclusive of GST: 4 terms $120 ; 3 terms $90 ; 2 terms $60; 1 term $30 . Please note that the 4 term rate begins in Term 4, not in Term 1 of any given year.

If the school pays the membership then the Association membership belongs to the school therefore new appointees are already members. In this situation, anyone relieving as deputy principal for one school term or longer while the incumbent is on leave or relieving/acting in another position may be able to assume that membership and access to the @DPCONNECT group discussion thread for the period they are relieving.

If you have any questions regarding membership please contact our Vice-president responsible for memberships,Tracey Casey, at

How to become a member:

You become a member by:

1) Successfully applying for the Association’s Annual Conference or PL Day (and paying the appropriate subscription) or

2) By completing the “Become A Member” form on this website and making a payment via your or the schools P Card. (Note that once your membership is paid, you will receive a receipt by email)

Please note: When the Treasurer has received monies payable for subscription, you will be added to the @DPCONNECT group discussion thread.

become a member

To join or renew your membership with the NSWSDPA, please complete the details below. In completing this form an application will be emailed to you directly. Please check the details and forward the completed application and monies to the treasurer of the association for processing.

Your membership is from the beginning of each Annual Conference (this gives you voting rights at the AGM). If your school pays for your Association membership then the membership belongs to the school and is not transferable to another school. New or relieving appointees to the position may replace current financial members.

Total Price: $120.00