President’s Welcome


Presidents Welcome

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our website, crafted through the work of our association to better support you in your work as a Deputy Principal in secondary public schools. Your work is pivotal to the learning of so many students across the state. It is a complex and demanding role, and one that you can find support in through our professional association.

There are approximately 780 substantively appointed secondary Deputy Principals. Currently, through school membership, our association actively supports approximately 500 of these. There are also a great number of relieving Deputy Principals and appointments through various school projects who are also supported by the association. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here.

Our association is focused on three major activities. These include:

  1. Supporting the welfare of Deputy Principals through collegial networks and state run activities, with directed support from our Welfare Officer and our Vice President Welfare, and supported by Teachers Mutual Bank;
  2. Developing the professional learning of Deputy Principals, through various means, including:
    • NSWSDPA State Conference, run by local conference teams, in late August/early September each year;
    • The NSWSDPA Professional Learning Day, run in March, in Sydney, each year;
    • The NSWSDPA Research Fellowship, supported by Academy Photography;
    • The NSWSDPA Aspiring Deputy Principal Day, run in Term 3 in Sydney;
    • Collegial networks run in local areas;
    • Our Google drive, where members can access a wealth of resources,
    • @DPConnect, our closed email discussion group; and
    • Our website.
  3. Advocating for the importance of our work, through a wide variety of methods.

I am very proud to be a member of this vibrant association. The people with whom I work are thoroughly committed to the role of Deputy Principal and to helping other Deputy Principals. I hope that you find this website useful in your work, and feedback is always welcome.

Jenny Mace