Deputy Principals Association

Wellbeing Officers Welcome

Wellbeing Officer’s Welcome

Hello. My name is Stephen (Steve) Barnett and I am employed by your association as Wellbeing Officer for Deputy Principals in NSW Government High Schools and schools with secondary enrolments. I am available basically 24/7 and guarantee 100% confidentiality.

What Do I Do?

Our association is focused on three major activities. These include:

  1. I can be contacted on an issue that may be causing you concern. I provide support and advice as required, and where necessary, seek assistance from others, after permission is gained from the Deputy Principal concerned. I work closely with representatives from EAPS, EPAC, Teachers Federation, Staffing, Legal Branch and Directors of Schools. I am also in contact with Tom Coll from SPC.
  2. I act as support person for example in:
    • Return to work programs
    • Deputy Principals on Formal Improvement Programs
    • EPAC Investigations.
  3. On behalf of your Association, I call schools experiencing critical incidents such as bushfires, floods etc.
  4. I attend Regional Conferences where contact is often made with Deputy Principals on particular issues.

My contact details are:

Mobile: 0409 917 995


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need support or assistance.

Thank you

Steve Barnett