Evelyn Hazzard Award

Posted On Nov 12, 2020

Evelyn Hazzard Award


This award is still available. If you are interested please discuss it with your Regional Convenor

The NSW Secondary Deputy Principals’ Association (NSWSDPA) invites nominations of members for the 2020 Evelyn Hazzard Award.

This prestigious Award commemorates the contribution to public education and to the Association by Evelyn Hazzard, who was President of the Association in 2014 when she sadly passed away from breast cancer.

Evelyn was highly regarded and widely respected within NSW public education and worked mostly in South Western Sydney.

From 2020 the Association has resolved to make an annual award of $4,000 to recognise and support the outstanding commitment, initiative or research of an Association member.

Association members who meet one of the following three criteria are eligible to be nominated:

  • COMMITMENT: The member has demonstrated outstanding commitment to NSW Public Education through the implementation of a program(s)/initiative(s) that has led to a significant improvement in student achievement or equity. (The nomination needs to state the impact of the program/initiative and how it was measured)


  • INITIATIVE: The member seeks to implement a program/initiative that would improve student achievement or equity. (The nomination needs to specify how the impact of the program/initiative will be measured)


  • RESEARCH: The member seeks to undertake a research project that will make a significant contribution to public education and/or would improve student achievement or equity. (The nomination needs to specify how the research project will be evaluated and any impact measured)

For 2020, the Award recipient will be required to provide a presentation / report at a NSWSDPA State Congress meeting. This presentation/report will also be published on the Association website. In subsequent years the award and presentation will be made at the NSWSDPA Annual Conference in Term 3. To be eligible to receive the award, the award recipient must attend the Annual Conference.

Members may be nominated by any member of the public education community. The nomination must be endorsed by their principal and/or the relevant Association regional convenor.

Nominations should provide sufficient information and evidence about the nominee and the criteria under which they are nominated (max 250 words). This section of the nomination may be published on the Association’s website.

Please discuss your nomination with your Regional Convenor.

Contact our Executive Officer, Michael McNamara, at or by mobile 0418 195 258 for more information.

Nominations will be assessed, and the Award recipient determined, by the Association Executive.

The Award recipient will be announced at a NSWSDPA State Congress meeting.


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